Dead Week Survival Tips

Dead Week Survival Tips

Good Afternoon Cal Students!


With finals quickly approaching, we've decided to come up with some simple studying tips to get you through dead week.

  1. Create a To-Do List: Making a list of what you need to study and by when will help in creating a study schedule to assure you have the appropriate time to study for the exam. Not only will it help create organization while studying, it will also help keep you on track!
  2. Review, Review, Review: Although easier said then done, don't wait till the last minute. Just don't do it! Review your notes daily! 
  3. Talk to your professor: It never hurts to spend some time with your professor before the final. Go to office hours or schedule a time to meet in order to discuss any last minute topics that you don't quite understand. Even emailing questions that need further explanation will get you one step closer to the grade you want!
  4. Create a study group: Studying with other classmates can at times be imperative to doing well during finals. Not only will it force you to study, but it keeps things fun. Have everyone take turns asking questions, even make it a game! 


Most importantly, try not to stress!!!!!! Although stress is hard to avoid during finals, it definitely won't help! Take a bath, listen to some calming music, go grab some coffee with friends! 


We here at Shop College Wear are wishing you all the best with finals. Just remember, you're one step closer to break and an even bigger step closer to graduating!! 

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